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Getting Started
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Setting Up

If you were accepted into the closed pre-alpha testing group or purchased the game via the supporter page and you have not received your Steam key, start here...

  1. Join the Jetball Discord
  2. Find me (Buca) and I will have a key for you.
  3. Use the "add a product to Steam" feature to install Jetball on your computer.
  4. Run the game.
  5. If you are not using Steam you will need to register an in-game account using your email address (if I don't already have it, you will need to send me your email). This secondary registration is not required for Steam users and only appear for those not running Steam.

Playing The Game

The first time playing the game you may want to check your keyboards binds...

  1. The current default keys are "ESDF" to move about. "WASD" is more standard so you may have to rebind them until I make them the default.
  2. Throw key - this is important, the default is "Q". Be sure to use a key or mouse button that you are very comfortable with. Also holding down the throw key will execute a slap or kick instead of picking the ball up. You will be holding down this key often.
  3. Suicide/Respawn key - This is also important for getting back to defend your goal or setting up a play. The default bind is my preference "SHIFT+SPACE". Many players like "CTRL+K", or just "K" for (K)ill self. You may want to choose a key that you won't press by accident but can find easily.
  4. Jetpack - default is "Right Mouse Button". Hold down to jet up. Player will automatically jump and jet if touching the ground.
  5. Ski/Jump - default is "Space bar". Hold down to ski or bunnyhop down hills with very little friction. Ski down the hills and jet up the other side for max efficiency.

Known Issue: Mouse Smoothing enabled after changing keyboards binds...FIXED!

  1. There appears to be a bug possibly with the Unreal Engine where mouse acceleration turns on after changing input binds.
  2. Restart the game (or if I've updated the Steam build, you can turn it off by simply clicking the "Apply" button in the "Game Settings" tab).

Finding A Game

  1. Click the "Join" tab and allow the list to build with available servers.
  2. You can double click the server in the list to join it.

Hosting a game (great for practicing solo or playing with friends)...

  1. Click the "Host" tab.
  2. Choose the map.
  3. Ignore all the other fields for now as they aren't necessary or implemented just yet.
  4. Click "Start New Game" button to begin your own session.
  5. If you want others to be able to see and join your game, you will have to open port 7777 on your firewall. Port forwarding explained.

Gameplay Tips

Throwing the ball....

  1. Pick up the ball by touching or walking over it.
  2. Hold down your throw key "Q" to start the throw meter. Let go to throw the ball.
  3. Notice the ball will inherit all of your momentum, so if you are moving in the same direction, you will throw much farther.

Slapping the ball...

  1. This time hold down throw "Q" BEFORE you touch the ball.
  2. Doing this will SLAP or kick the ball at full force.
  3. Slapping the ball or shooting from long distance will generate more points for your goal.
  4. Again, the ball will inherit all of your momentum.

Scoring a goal...

  1. ALWAYS shoot at the RED goal.
  2. The BLUE goal is your goal to defend so you want to prevent the ball from ever going into it.
  3. Slapping the ball or shooting from long distance will generate more points for your goal.
  4. Aim a little high to account for the ball's arc.
  5. Both teams will reset back to their spawn huts after a goal is scored (currently you are crudely killed and respawned - a gentler transport/teleport will occur in the future).

Kill the ball carrier...

  1. You can only damage the enemy if the player is holding the ball.
  2. Or if you are holding the ball you can damage everyone.
  3. You will always damage yourself so be careful.
  4. Most weapons will knock players around, which can be useful for giving boosts to yourself or teamates.

Holding the ball (HOT POTATO!)...

  1. You can only hold the ball on the ground for 8 seconds.
  2. Catching the ball in the air allows you to hold it for 20 seconds.
  3. As soon as you touch the ground you are back to 8 seconds (or less if you have held onto it for more than 12 seconds in the air).
  4. Holding the ball for too long will kill you, so pass it to a teammate or go for a gaol.

Dying and Respawning...

  1. If you die in the field, you will simply stand back up after a few seconds.
  2. Respawn back to your spawn hut (behind your goal) by pressing SHIFT+SPACE. This is useful for quickly getting back to your own goal to defend it.
  3. Spawn passing is also a play used by veteran players since they may know exactly where you are when you respawn (and even throw the ball up to be caught using a specific route).

Midairs (hit a player with a disc in the air)...

  1. Aim the Disc Launcher carefully and shoot a well-timed disc to hit players while they are in the air to score an MA.
  2. If the player is holding the ball, he or she will automatically drop it.
  3. Any player hit by an MA will be knocked back at super high speed (essentially removing them from play).
  4. MA your teammate to instantly grab the ball or if you have the ball, hit a teammate with an MA to immediately transfer the ball to that player.

Robs and Trounces (body blocking to stealing the ball)

  1. Simply touch any player holding the ball to take the ball.
  2. If you have the ball, touching any other player will give that player the ball.
  3. An advanced tactic to avoid having the ball stolen is to actually throw it to your would-be body blocker and then rob it right back from them.
  4. Hold down your throw button to Rob/Slap the ball.

Beacon Stopping/Jumping (likely going to be renamed to Brake Stop / Springboard action)...

  1. The default key mapping is "B".
  2. Aim down at the ground and press "B" and you should hear a "Screech" sound.
  3. You can do this while moving on or near the ground to come to an immediate stop.
  4. Springboard Action: Now while moving or falling with speed, face the ground, hold "B" AND your jets simultaneously and you should activate the Springboard action where all of your movement is directed upward. You have to be close enough to the ground to place the Springboard or it will not activate.
  5. A little background: Beacon Stopping and Beacon Jumping were advanced moves that Tribes 1 players found they could do by placing a beacon on the ground in front their moving body. The result is that you would collide with the placed beacon causing you to change direction, stop completely or if executed right you could launch yourself vertically into the air.

Advanced Tips

Running on low system specs, i.e. Toaster Mode...

NOTE: Please only attempt the following if you know what you are doing.

  1. Find your "GameUserSettings.ini" generally found in C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Jetball\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

Under [ScalabilityGroups] set the following...

  • sg.ResolutionQuality=25.000000
  • sg.ViewDistanceQuality=-1
  • sg.AntiAliasingQuality=-1
  • sg.ShadowQuality=-1
  • sg.PostProcessQuality=-1
  • sg.TextureQuality=-1
  • sg.EffectsQuality=-1
  • sg.FoliageQuality=-1

Under [/Script/Jetball.JetballUserSettings] set the following...

  • GraphicsQuality=-1
  • ResolutionSizeX=1280
  • ResolutionSizeY=1024

When you get into the game press F11 to get back to full screen.

Try playing around with sg.ResolutionQuality (this is the same as setting r.ScreenPercentage) where 100.0 is best quality.

Jetball Dedicated Server

Host Your Own Dedicated Servers

NOTE: Please be aware that dedicated servers are still in Alpha - meaning bandwidth and cpu usages may spike without warning (although I've yet to experience any issues myself).

  1. Locate file "JetballServer-Win64-Shipping.exe" generally found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Jetball\Jetball\Binaries\Win
  2. Right click on "JetballServer-Win64-Shipping.exe" and create a shortcut (or send to desktop)
  3. Right click on the shortcut and click "Properties"
  4. In the shortcut target add the following (there should be a space in between the original target and the line below)

    "Arcadium?ServerName=My Name?listen" -log
    E.g. This is how my server is setup (the map has to be first):
    "..\Jetball\Binaries\Win64\JetballServer-Win64-Shipping.exe" "EpicCity?ServerName=Buca Official Test?listen" -log

  5. Set ?MaxPlayers=8 for setting player limits
  6. Open port 7777 on your firewall and router
  7. Alternatively, you can use a custom port by adding ?port=1234

"...\JetballServer-Win64-Shipping.exe" "Arcadium?ServerName=Buca Official Test?MaxPlayers=8?port=1234?listen" -log

If you wish to connect over LAN you may have to shutdown steam on the computer running the dedicated server.

Also to connect over LAN you will likely have to connect via direct IP using the dedicated server internal IP (usually something like

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