About Jetball

I finally got so fed up waiting for a Tribes game to mod, I decided to build it myself! Using the amazing Unreal Engine 4 and pushing my abilities way beyond my limits, finally you can PLAY JETBALL!

Team eSports on an epic scale. Score goals, make assists, passes and catches. Shoot for midairs on the ball carrier. Play online matches in pubs or organized pickups; Practice catching and shooting the ball alone or with friends or even bots! Jetting and skiing the way it should be, easy to learn impossible to master!

Why join early access?

... well maybe you shouldn't because the game is not finished! I just want to make that very clear. While it is very playable, you will likely find bugs!

That being said, if you want in early, now is your chance. I may close access if things get too hot to handle.

Host your own online games!

I've made dedicated servers a top priority and is included with the game installer. Or simply host and play at the same time with your friends (if you have any - zing!) so even a complete newbie can host a game in a few minutes!

Jetball Community

Currently play tests are scheduled and organized but that doesn't mean you have to wait. Join the discord server and add to the pickup bot and a game will start!

Support Jetball

Are you excited to support your indie game developer? Are you excited to start playing Jetball? Look for Jetball on Steam Early Access and Itch.io in the months to come.

Requires a mid range gaming PC or Mac


Jet Up and Score

Make Plays

Jetball Game Features

Online Multiplayer:

          - Server side movement
          - Smooth client prediction
          - High ping player support
          - Server browser

Team eSport: Work with teammates to create incredible plays!

Jetpacks: Who doesn't like jetpacks?

Speed: Ski (aka bunnyhop), hold down jump to maintain that precious speed across the large maps.

Scale: Play out epic battles on some maps that range from over a mile long down to small skirmish style maps.

Dedicated Servers: Host your own game, play by your own rules.

Gameplay Rewards:
          - Goals
          - Assists
          - Midairs
          - Robs
          - One-timers
          - Passing/Catching