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What is Jetball?

Jetball is a futuristic combination of basketball and soccer, with the added twist of a powerful jetpack. Maintain your speed by bunny hopping (or skiing) across the terrain, giving way to unrestricted movement. The ball inherits all of your momentum as you throw, so speed plays a big part. This jetpack game is the newest entry in the FPSZ genre.

What's the objective?

The objective is simple: Get the ball and throw it into the enemy goal. Pass between teammates using one-timers to add style points to your score. Like basketball, scoring from a longer distance results in higher points and rewards. Stop the enemy from scoring in your teams goal by intercepting passes, or with the aid of 4 unique weapons included in every atheletes loadout. The Disc Launcher shoots an explosive disc that not only harms players but also delivers a strong knockback. The Nade Launcher lobs an explosive grenade that also harms players and delivers an even stronger knockback. The Spike Thrower shoots fast and deadly spikes that fly across the map at super speeds. Lastly, the Boost Gun knocks players back, and can also be used to grab the ball when it's just slightly out of reach.


Online Multiplayer

Server side movement, smooth client prediction, high ping player support, server browser and more.

Team eSport

Work with teammates to create incredible plays!


The ultimate jetpack sport. Come on. Who doesn't like jetpacks?


Hold down jump (aka 'ski') to maintain that precious speed across maps.


Play out epic battles on maps that range from over a mile long down to small skirmish-style maps.

Dedicated Servers

Run your own server and push the player limits as high as you can. Play by your rules. More info.

Gameplay Rewards

Get points by scoring goals, teammate asssists, awesome midairs, robbing the ball from enemy players, one-timers, passing/catching and more!


Bots are capable of shooting you and scoring goals. You can set up a bot match to play however you wish (1 vs 20 or even 20 v 20), either offline or online.


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