Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Expand What is Jetball?

Expand What is the state of Jetball?

Expand What is in the future for Jetball?

Game Play Questions

Expand What about other game types? Will there be capture the flag?

Expand Can I play on Steam?

Expand Can I run a dedicated server?

Expand What are the game physics like? Which Tribes is the Jetting and Skiing most like?

Expand I have never played Tribes, will I be able to play Jetball?

Expand I played Tribes 2, isn't this just a remake of TR2?

Expand I played Rocket League, will I enjoy Jetball?

Expand Is there shooting in Jetball? What are the weapons like?

Expand What is the backstory here, why are these players shooting each other in a sport game?

Expand What about VChat, beacons and targeting lasers?

Technical Questions

Expand Why not mod an existing game?

Expand Will there be modding?

Expand What are the requirements for Jetball?

Expand What about ski bugs and non-reg's?

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