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About Me

My name is Paul but most people know me as either Sambuca or Buca. Some also might know me as Troid or Troidz (the Supraball guys mostly).

I fell in love with Tribes 1 back in 1999 when my buddy showed me the free demo. He was ToKillya (aka tequila) and I called myself Sambuca - both types of shots that we had done on a recent outing... anyway... I remember getting stuck inside the Raindance base for just long enough for the mortars to come raining in, BOOM! I was blown to bits and immediately after I hear a voice come out from my speakers, "You Idiot!" and omg was I hooked!

From there I just got more and more addicted as I delved into the world of online gaming, signing on to teams, playing in matches (that we never won) and just loving every little bit of it.

Tribes 2 came out and I jumped in with two feet. However, I quickly noticed none of my teammates were sticking around, half could not run it, and the other half simply hated the physics. I trudged on for a few months before giving up myself.

It was time to part ways with Tribes for a while, plus there are other games right? Definitely and I played them, lots of them, but always, there was something missing. None of these new games could fill that gaping hole left behind from those early Tribes 1 days. Until...

Sierra and Dynamix announce Tribes 2 classic + Team Rabbit 2, ok, I'm ready to give it another shot. Wow, I was so glad that I did. I was able to fall back in love with a video game, but actually not even a game, but a mere mod in a game. I'm talking about TR2 (Team Rabbit 2). What a fantastic game it was for me. Crazy high flying passes and catches, long distance one timer goals. You needed teamwork like I've never seen before. I mean some serious late night practicing with buddies until two of us could go in and own the entire playing field. The physics were redone much closer to T1 and things were good because I was hooked on a video game once again.

As good as things were, there were problems. First, the dev team for TR2 quickly moved on to bigger better things (the creator, KineticPoet, got highered as the lead mulitiplayer developer for Tribes Vengeance and that's all there is to say about that). TR2 needed fixing, the community is shrinking, things aren't balanced. Only one thing to do, this is Tribes 2, famous for it's moddability after all. So being fluent in c/c++, I decide to step up. I open up the game files and start reading. Then coding. Not long after, I'm happily anouncing a new TR2 one-timers only 3v3 edition and things are looking good. Teams sign up, new ladder, good times. Later others joined on to help code. We had stats, and had client side patches that fixed issues and helped new players get started. We added years of life to that mod, thanks to modding.

Now, here I am working my arse off to bring that gaming experience to a new and hopefully much bigger audience. I've never worked so hard on anything in my life. Jetball has consumed every ounce of my free time over the last two years, and much more to come I expect. Even if only one or two people wind up enjoying Jetball the way I got to enjoy my video game playing haydays, that is truly good enough for me.